What gifts are special but affordable?

What do you do when you’ve been invited to several weddings? With the start of married life, your friends and family are going to need many new things – not only big appliances and furniture. You can still give a special gift without spending a lot.

With the YaMabrook app, you and your friends can collect and curate wish lists. The app’s social features make it easy to view wish lists, like and share ideas, reserve items to gift, and buy with friends. This helps you find and give the perfect gift, often saving you money and time along the way.

Top 10 inexpensive wedding gift ideas

Bath towels and a shower curtain are useful items that are also affordable. Attractive colors and designs bring a personal flair to things that are used every day.
Everyday glasses and bowls, especially those for spices, side dishes, are pretty but don’t cost a lot. Consider buying a matching set to help the new bride set the perfect table.
Tip* Adding personal touches turns an empty apartment into a comfortable home.
How about a picture frame, small mirror, or wall hanging? These are thoughtful ways to bring personality to a new home. It will bring a smile to your friends and family’s faces when they hang it in their space.
Storage containers to organize makeup, clothes, kitchen and pantry. All the little things to make keeping house and cleaning easier!
Did you know? With a wishlist in the YaMaBrook app, you can buy gifts with friends. Click on the “Reserve with” button to get started.
Not all kitchen appliances have to be costly: what about an instant pot or air fryer? Saving meal prep time will always be appreciated. Maybe you and a friend can buy one together?
Slicers, salad servers, and ladles will be used in the kitchen every day. Pretty kitchen tools make every meal a celebration!
Tip* Entertaining pieces can be inexpensive as well as decorative.
Dessert plates and tea cups will be used often for casual entertaining. Newlyweds welcome guests to their homes for many occasions.
A bread basket and napkins are everyday must-haves that the bride might not think to put on her wedding wish list.
Table runners and candle holders bring ambiance to the hostess’ table. The new bride will be entertaining for lots of occasions. It’s nice to have a variety of styles and sizes.
A vase with flowers is a beautiful decoration for special occasions. How about a set of vases of different sizes?
Now that you have some inexpensive wedding gift ideas, you can start shopping! With the YaMabrook app, you can search and choose items on your friends’ wish lists, right in the app. And if you have any special events coming up, you can create your own wish lists as well. It’s a fun process that takes the guesswork out of gifting!

The YaMabrook app makes creating and sharing wish lists easy and fun. Invite your friends to try it with you! Go to the app store to download it today.
AUGUST, 16 / 2022